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About Us

S.I.D Express Couriers is not just another player in the market of freight forwarding business. The protocols implemented here have the customer’s welfare at the forefront. Good business practises equals happy clients. That is our aim, that is our goal.

SID Express Shipping Terms and Conditions:

  • Customer is responsible for and warrants compliance with all laws and regulations that govern shipment of goods into Jamaica.

  • SID Express will not be held liable for losses, mis-delivery, or non delivery of goods that are caused by, but not limited to, improper or insufficient packaging, glass and other fragile items, perishable items, acts of nature, perils of the air, weather conditions, delay of aircraft etc.

  • Rates are based on weight but may attract an additional service charges where applicable these may include processing, handling, insurance, GCT, and other custom fees

  • Customs duty is applicable to personal items exceeding USD $100.

  • Storage fee of JMD $50 per day will be added to packages that aren’t collected within 10 days of arrival.

  • S.I.D. reserves the right to cancel any account that it deems prejudicial to the companies interest with or without notice.

  • Items will be kept at the warehouse for 30 days and will be auctioned after to recover cost.

  • Failure to upload an invoice may result in penalties.

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There are certain online stores that will not allow use of a non-American cards for online purchases, in that case or for whatever other reason, feel free to come in store to make your purchases or send us the direct link for the item you are interested in purchasing, we will assist you by using our International Card to make the purchase for you through our procurement service

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